Thursday, September 16, 2010

You're Gonna Love This Book

One of the sources that has made a big difference in my life over the past year or so has been Robb Wolf's blog, and the audios he posts on it. I've been following the progress of Robb's labors in bringing his new book to publication for a few months now.  Each Tuesday, Robb and his buddy Andy Deas post an audio on the website in which Robb answers questions about how living in congruence with our pre-agriculture ancestors can... well, the caption at the top of the cover says it best, doesn't it. Andy's apparently self-appointed mission has been to good naturedly prod, push, cajole, and otherwise encourage Robb to get the book done before he begins reading the questions. They make a great audio team.

I had been listening to Robb's audios for many weeks before it occurred to me that he had ever been anything but fit and healthy. In fact, at first he sounded to me kind of like a surfer dude who knew a lot about how stuff works at the cellular level. I had to listen to a few weekly episodes before I caught on that he had been a research biochemist. I hesitate to think what he would think about me, with my Southern accent, but he's probably not as critical as I seem to be.

On another broadcast it was mentioned in passing that his health had at one time been a wreck as a result of eating what most of us have been erroneously led view as a "healthy" vegetarian diet. This week I heard him say that he had even developed ulcerative colitis, and had begun to grapple with the idea that he probably wasn't going to live to a ripe old age. I thought I could hear in his voice how genuinely appreciative he is that  what he has learned, and details in the book, has saved his life. Literally.

I haven't read the book yet, since it was just released this week, but Jimmy Moore has done his usual thorough job of reviewing it, so be sure to check that out.

What, you may ask, is Robb's motivation? He states in the book, that "“I’m trying to save your life.”

And, after listening to him for months now, I believe him. I can't wait to get that book.

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